Menu 5in1 POS System

Menu 5in1 POS system is what you need to get control on all your operations in the restaurant

Top Features

Five Functions

DineIn, TakeAway, Delivery, Catering and Inventory management are five built-in functions in Menu 5in1 POS system.

Solo or Connected

Menu 5in1 POSS ystem can operate in Multiple Terminal mode that enables you to use as many network terminals as you want

Dual Language

Items that you sell are defined with dual languages thus all customers’ receipts are generated in dual languages

Printer or KDS

You can choose to implement the traditional kitchen printers or use the most advanced Kitchen Data Screens (KDS), both are supported by Menu 5in1 POS system

Inventory Control

Sell your items based on the quantity that is available (Prepare-Then-Sell) or sell the item and order the kitchen to prepare it (Sell-Then-Prepare)

Online or Offline

On-line edition gives you the ability to browse the sales results of all your outlets, you will also receive SMS messages alerting you of the major events

Menu 5in1 - POS Terminal

The Terminal Can Work As Stand-Alone System For Small Restaurants Or As A Part Of Multi-Terminal Network For Large Restaurants

Menu 5in1 - Waiter Pad

Used to place orders directly to the system, it supports Dine-in and Take-Away orders giving the waiters the ability to work inside and outside the restaurant

Menu 5in1 - Kitchen Data System (KDS)

Replaces the traditional kitchen printer, gives the kitchen staff the ability to see the incoming orders on a wide screen.

Menu 5in1 - Kitchen Tablet

Designed to work on 10 inch tablets to replace the kitchen traditional printers

Menu 5in1 - Control Panel

Manage your menu from within the control panel