Menu 5in1 On Tablet

Using Menu 5in1 on iPad or tablet gives your guests the ability to browse your menu, read your story, find out about your special offers, share their contact information and give you comments and feedback

Top Features

Five Functions

Restaurant Menu, Restaurant Promotions, Restaurant Story, VIP Club, Guests' Feedback.

Our Menu

The guests can browse all the items of your menu, the screen is divided by Sections, Categories and Items. Easy to navigate and has Arabic/English translation


The guests can find out about your special items, offers or promotions. it will show only images or designs coming from your creative team

About Us

The guests can read the story behind your resturant, available in Arabic and English

VIP Club

The guests can share their Names, Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses


Get the feedback and comments of your guests, act with those comments on the spot using our Express Viewer App

Menu 5in1 On Tablet

watch the video

This video will explain how to use Menu 5in1 on tablet, it will show the main functions of the app, the support for dual language, the promotions that you can show to your guests and the restaurant menu

Menu 5in1 on Tablet - Universal Edition

Choose from 18 available designs

Menu 5in1 on Tablet - Premier Edition

Change the theme of your menu whenever you want

Menu 5in1 - Express Viewer

Receive guests' comments on your mobile, filter them acording to date, outlet and importance.

Menu 5in1 - Control Panel

Manage your menu from within the control panel