Menu 5in1 On TV Signage

You can use Menu 5in1 to display your restaurant menu on any TV as a digital signage, the TVs will be syncronized with all the changes you make on Menu 5in1 control panel

Top Features

Any Kind of TV

You can use any kind of TV screen you have in your restaurant to display your menu items, just make sure that the TV is equiped with HDMI input

Landscape or Portrait

You can place your TVs in any orientation you desire, Menu 5in1 digital signage will work in both orientations

Dual Language

Item names will be shown on the screen with double language, primary and secondory languages

Automatic Update

Any changes you make in the Menu 5in1 control panel will be automaticlly shown on your TV Screens, no need for double entry

Images or Videos

Menu 5in1 on TV can display both still photos or dynamic videos of your menu items. The switch between both kinds of media are seamless

Sorted Out

Items will be shown on your TV screens filtered by categories and sorted by the display order you define in Menu 5in1

Menu 5in1 On TV

watch the video

This video will explain how to use Menu 5in1 on TV, it will show the main functions of the app, the support for dual language, the promotions that you can show to your guests and the restaurant menu

Menu 5in1 - Control Panel

Manage your menu from within the control panel